Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cookout at the EMA (Long)

This past Thursday we had a cookout at work. I had tried a few weeks ago to get up a family fun day for our employees and their families but the interest was just not there. Therefore, going into Thursday I was not sure what to expect. I must say I was surprised. I loaded up “Ole Smokey” and brought everything I thought I would need to do hamburgers, hotdogs and brats. That was the menu…or so I thought!

When I arrived at work and began unloading I found out things had changed. I walked into the kitchen and saw country style ribs, a family pack of chicken thighs, budan (sp?) and lots of other things I was not expecting. I tried to play it cool but my mind was already working overtime. I knew I would not have enough time to smoke the chicken thighs like I would at home and I had never even attempted to do anything with country style ribs. I had already decided I would throw the budan in the pot with the brats, beer, onions and butter.

I went to my computer and attempted to solicit the help of my Barbecue Bible Forum friends. I made a quick post describing my dilemma over the ribs and that I needed help fast! Here are some of the issues that I had:

- Never cooked country style ribs before.
- Did not have any of my rubs, spices or such to put on the chicken and did not have the resources to make a rub.
- Have not grilled chicken in a long while, just smoking. Did not have my meat thermometer to know when chicken was done.

Anyway, after making the post I had a few work related things I had to do before the cooking started. My coworkers all helped out by taking turns filling my spot in the EOC while I was prepping the food and fire. Thanks guys!

Like I said, I had not planned on anything but burgers and dogs so I did not have what I thought I needed to do the food right. I started rummaging through the cabinets and found some salt and pepper, generic seasoning salt and Lawry’s. I opted for the Lawry’s. I washed and trimmed the chicken and rubbed them down with the Lawry’s. They were starting to look pretty good. After a while, I checked the forum to see if any responses had been posted. “Susan Z” from northern Virginia had stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and had posted 4 different recipes for me. Thanks Susan. She provided some great ideas for this type of meat. Click here to go to the forum to read her recipes. You will also see a post from “January Bride” describing a very tempting oven cooked recipe for the country style ribs. Tip of the hat to you, Bride.

Long story short, I ended up grilling everything. I added to that my homemade baked beans and potato salad making for a full plate when served. That was Thursday and I was still getting complements on Friday and even this morning when I arrived at work. I’m glad everyone was pleased. Maybe this will make it easier to do something like this more often since this one went so well. My wife even liked what little leftovers I was able to bring home.

Sorry for not taking any pics. Planning on doing two BCC on Monday. Will definately have some pics from that. Until then, smoke on!


At 10:20 AM PDT, Anonymous MOW said...

As one of the member of this cookout, I’m happy to say it was the best food I have had. You would have never known that it was thrown together at the last minuet. Way to go, I was truly impressed and completed stuffed after the dinner. The Ribs was excellent, I can’t say enough about it all.


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