Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Newest BBQ book

I wanted to share with you one of the best bbq books I have found in quite some time. The book is “Peace, Love and Barbecue” written by Mike Mills. I just simply love this book. I made a post on the bbqforum several months ago (and even blogged about it on June 8th) stating that I was looking for a book that told a story about bbq. I have enough recipes. I have recipes I will never be able to cook I have so many. I just wanted a book that chronicled the life of someone who loved and lived bbq. I have found it in this book.

I must confess that I had never heard of Mike prior to picking up this book. He retired from the competitive bbq circuit in 1994 after racking up an unbelievable stash of awards and championships. Competing under the team name “Apple City Barbecue” from 1989 to 1994, they competed in 69 competitions winning 64 first place awards, 22 second, 9 third and a whopping 32 Grand Champion awards. Several sauce awards also go to their credit. 2 first places and 1 Grand Champion awards at Jack Daniel’s. But here are the most impressive numbers to me. 2 perfect scores at Memphis in May (first time ever). 4 time World Champion at MIM. 3 time Grand World Champion at MIM (only team ever to do this). Now, Mike is involved in several bbq restaurant ventures and hosts a competition each year in his hometown of Murphysboro, IL. Based on this, I guessed Mike had a story to tell. And tell it he does.

The format for the book is simple. It starts with Mike’s earliest recollections of his dad digging a pit in the ground and cooking meat all day. That instilled a love for food in Mike. Mike then traces his steps through adulthood to where he is now. Along the way he meets with some of the bbq elite. Folks like Don McLemore and Chris Lilly from Big Bob Gibson’s, Paul Kirk (a.k.a. The Baron of Barbecue) and many others. And it has some darn good recipes, too!

This book reads like no other bbq book I have found. Like it says on the cover, “Recipes, Secrets, Tall Tales and Outright Lies from the legends of barbecue. It is co-written by Amy Mills Tunnicliffe, Mike’s daughter. I won't spill any secrets here but do yourself a favor and get this book.


At 7:12 AM PDT, Blogger brian j said...

this is a great book and a great read if it wasn't full of awesome recipes. enjoy!


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