Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Emails and such...

Several things have been going on in the last few days. Here is something I thought you might like.

Recently (07/08/2005), I posted a review of the book "Peace, Love and Barbecue" written by Mike Mills. Well, the other day someone posted a note on The BBQ Forum wanting to get more information about this book. I replied with a few good words and included a link to the review on this site. Much to my suprise, Mike's daughter Amy (who co-authored the book with her dad) sent me a very nice email. Here is a little piece of what Amy wrote:

Dear Ole Smokey,

A friend forwarded the nice blog entry you wrote about my daddy's new book! I will be sure to print this off and show it to him (he's not too computer savvy! ;-) He will be very touched by your kind words.

the barbecue heiress

Amy was also nice enough to invite me to visit any of their restaurants in Southern Illinois and Las Vegas and their yearly BBQ competition they host in Mikes hometown. Click on their website to get more infomation Amy also let me know that the link I had posted had been removed from the BBQ Forum. I went back and, sure enough, it was gone. Now that is something I just do not understand. I will have to go back and re-read the rules of the forum to see if I violated anything. I do know that several forum members make posts with links back to their personal websites. I am not talking about business sites that advertise on the forum. I am talking about sites that have pictures, recipes, and bbq related items on them that are generated, maintained and owned by a person. I do not see where their links are being removed. If, after checking the rules, I find that I am in error then it will be a non-issue. However, if I have done nothing wrong I will have to get with Ray Basso of the forum to get a clarification. Either way I will continue to support the BBQ Forum and what it stands for.

On a lighter note: I ordered my first WSM Saturday and it should be delivered by August 29th, just in time for a Labor Day cookout. I also ordered some other goodies. Watch for upcoming posts about assembly and the first few cooks on the WSM.

Until next time, keep 'em smokin'!

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