Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I had the opportunity to attend my first official KCBS competition last Saturday in Decatur, AL. I also had my wife and youngest son along with me for the ride. The event was held at Ferris Rhodes Park on the banks of the Tennessee River. I got a little turned around with my directions but when we got near the Holiday Inn I could smell the smoke and knew we were close.

Once inside, I was immediately and eternally “hooked” on competition BBQ. About 50-60 teams were competing for the top prize. There was a strong family atmosphere in the air and the event had lots of stuff for kids and other visitors to take advantage of when you were not walking around the competition grounds.

I was able to meet some of the best pit masters and BBQ'ers on the circuit. These folks are very approachable. I was able to get pretty close to them while they were preparing their entry boxes. This allowed me to watch and learn. I tried not to disturb them but did return a "hello" or "how are you" when they sent one my way. I was content to save my socializing and questions for after turn-in time. I most enjoyed watching Myron Mixon of "Jacks Old South" BBQ team. This guy is a master when it comes to BBQ. I was also fortunate to be able to meet Bobbie and Lee McWright of "Music City Pig Pals". These folks talked to us like they had known us for years.

The competitors were not allowed to sell their food. However, this did not keep them from placing their “extras” on a plate or in some foil and setting it near their site. I believe they called it SAMPLES! Hats off to Blindog’s Outlaw BBQ Gang for a mighty tasty rib (or two…).

Of all the things I saw at my first contest, there were several things I did not see. I did not see any selfishness on the part of the competitors. Although there was alcohol consumption I did not see any behavior that required me to steer my child in another direction. The two things I expected to see, but didn’t, were flies and thermometers. I did not see the first fly and do not remember seeing anything even closely resembling a thermometer. Go figure.

Here are the winners from Decatur:

Chicken - Neighbors Brewin' and Quein
Ribs - Bar-B-Quau
Pork - J-Mack Cookers
Brisket - Bar-B-Quau
Sauce - Mealtime BBQ

Grand Champion was - congrats to Bad Byron and all the gang.

Reserve GC was Team Top Chick - I think Ron has a keeper on his hands (and they're from Alabama, too).

Click here for a list of the top ten in each catagory as posted on the BBQ Forum

Gonna do some beer can chickens and possibly some thighs next week. Stay tuned!

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At 8:02 AM PDT, Blogger WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Sounds like you had a great time. BBQ really is a family sport.

What did you mean by "The two things I expected to see, but didn’t, were flies and thermometers."

The flys are usually kept away by the smoke, but the thermometers are everywhere!


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