Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Labor of Love...

St. Louis Style Spareribs and BBQ Beans

Monday, I took advantage of a holiday and smoked some ribs. Pretty tasty if I say so myself. Here is the 411.

What I used:
* 2 - racks of St. Louis style spareribs (2.7# and 2.9#).
* Dr. BBQ’s Big Time BBQ rub
* Dr. BBQ's BBQ Beans
*3 medium chunks of Mesquite smoking wood
*Kingsford Charcoal

Filled charcoal ring a little over half full with unlit charcoal. Placed 3 chunks of Mesquite wood (the only wood I had left), then covered to the rim of the charcoal ring with more unlit Kingsford. Poured 1-lit chimney of charcoal on top of this and assembled WSM.

Cooking summary:
1203 - Placed meat on smoker at 240°F bone side up. Let stand for 2.5 hours.
1433 - At 2.5 hours, flipped to bone side down and let stand another 1.5 hours.
1603 - At 4 hours into the cook, checked for doneness. Basically done and time to apply sauce for next 15 minutes.
1608- Apply sauce and spritz.
1613 - Same as above
1618 - Ready to serve. Total cook time of 4 hours 15 minutes.

Picture links:
Here is a pic of the ribs ready for the smoker.
Here is a shot of the new Nu-Temp at work.
Here are the ribs after the first 2.25 hours. Looking good in the neighborhood!
After 4 hours, 15 minutes, here is what they looked like.
Here is another look at the finished product.


1.Do not put anything to cook into the smoking chamber until it is up to temp. I put beans in when I assembled smoker and the temp could not get above 213°F. Took them out and put them in the oven. Temp rose to 240°F with no problem.

2. After putting ribs on the grate, the temp spiked to 268°F. I was supposed to wait until 30 mins into the cook before touching vents but I backed all 3 down to about 50%. Temp held at 250°F steady the rest of the first 2.5-hour cycle.

3. At 2.5 hours the ribs looked almost done; pulling away from the bone on two racks. Flipped bone side up and spritzed with apple juice and took 1 pic. Will check again in 90 minutes. Grate temp dropped to 147 but quickly rose back into the 240-250 ranges within 5 minutes.

4. Think twice next time about the amount of unlit charcoal in bottom. Can probably get by with just ½ chamber to ¾ chamber of coals with wood. This might account for the cruising temp of 250°F instead of 225°F.

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At 7:36 AM PDT, Blogger Backyard Chef said...

After seeing those ribs, my oatmeal breakfast just isn't doing it for me....thanks alot.

I'm learing alot about WSM cooking from reading your blog, it's making me awfully tempted to pick one up-- any advice on how to convince the wife?

Keep the coals glowing.

At 7:21 AM PDT, Blogger Ole Smokey said...

Hey Backyard, check your email. Thanks.


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