Monday, October 31, 2005

Mike Mills

While at the Jack Daniels contest last week I had the pleasure of meeting several folks from the barbecue community. Some of those folks I knew ahead of time would be there. A few were surprises to see. Such is the case of meeting and getting to talk to Mike Mills the author of “Peace, Love and Barbecue Recipes, Secrets, Tall Tales, & Outright Lies from the Legends of Barbecue”.

Mike is a legend when it comes to competition barbecue. Competing under the team name “Apple City Barbecue” from 1989 to 1994, Mike competed in 69 competitions winning 64 first place awards, 22 second, 9 third and a whopping 32 Grand Champion awards. Several sauce awards also go to the teams’ credit. 2 first places and 1 Grand Champion awards at Jack Daniel’s. But here are the most impressive numbers to me. 2 perfect scores at Memphis in May (first time ever). 4 time World Champion at MIM. 3 time Grand World Champion at MIM (only team ever to do this). Now, Mike is involved in several bbq restaurant ventures and hosts a competition each year in his hometown of Murphysboro, IL. Accompanying Mike this weekend was his daughter, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe, who also coauthored the book with her father. She also referrs to herself as "The Barbecue Heiress".

I noticed Mike standing near the hay bales in the picture during the parade prior to the party on Friday evening. I did not have to do a double take, look twice or what ever they call it where you are from. One look and I knew it was Mike Mills. I have spent so much time with my nose stuck in that book I knew him the moment I saw him. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend a few minutes with Mike and Amy but I think I could have talked with them most of the night. This man has forgotten more about barbecue than I will ever know. Mike was nice enough to pose for a picture.

I did not have my copy of the book handy but he said he would sign it Saturday however that was not to be. Even though I didn’t get his autograph, Mike left an impression on me. I now have two more goals in life. Number one is to eat at one of Mike's restaurants. The other is to sit down with him and just talk.

There are still a few good people in this world. I'm beginning to think they are, in some way, associated with barbecue.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Update on Bobbie McWright

From The BBQ Forum - Posted by Carol Bigler

Day 22-Bobbie McWright
Bobbie has been moved from Northcrest Medical Center in Springfield to Nashville Rehabilitation Hospital in Nashville. She was moved yesterday, and started a vigorous physical, occupational, and speech therapy program. She has come through a very rough time and is doing fine. She continues to improve each day, but still has quite a hill to climb to a full recovery. As Lee stated earlier to me, he feels she is the stronger of the 2 McWrights and she will fight to get through the obstacles in her path now. As always prayers, calls and cards are always welcome. We believe strongly in the power of prayer and realize with God’s help she has come this far. We thank all for the many prayers said on her behalf. There is no visitation during the week and limited visitation on the weekends. Below is the address and visiting hours. Again, we want to thank you for caring so much and for all of the encouraging letters, notes, cards, and calls. In time all of them will be answered by Bobbie herself. She reads every card, letter or note she receives and enjoys getting them. Her address follows:

Bobbie McWright
Nashville Rehabilitation Hospital
Room 142
610 Gallatin Road
Nashville, TN 37206

Visiting Hours-
Saturdays---- 1-8pm
Sundays----- 12-8pm

Thank you, Lee, Randy and Carol

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Saturday @ The Jack - Recap

I got an early start Saturday morning. Got up a little after five and by the time I got a shower and a cup of java it was almost 6 and time to leave. This is really my favorite time of the year. The colors are starting to change and there is that certain “nip” in the morning air that says fall is coming. Add to that the scenery of the rolling Tennessee hillside and the smoke from 65 or so cooking sites and I am in heaven. This is where I am supposed to be.

I have tried to do a couple of Audio Blogs from Lynchburg but I guess the signal was not strong enough. When I listened to it the sound quality was not very good. I had a backup plan but that fell through also. Oh well, there’ll be other times.

Today was not supposed to be as hectic as yesterday. Most everything had already been done. All we needed to do was be there at the busy times of the day. The rest of the day we had to ourselves. This allowed me to mingle about and really soak up the sounds, smells and traditions of the Jack. And that I did. After checking in with “The Gang” I decided it was time to walk.

While walking around I located Dr. BBQ doing some cooking at The Big Green Egg tent. A few months ago I did a review of his cookbook on this site. Catching Ray at a slow moment worked to my favor. I was able to speak with him and get him to sign my copy of his latest book “Dr. BBQ’s Big Time Barbecue Cookbook”. Ray was super. I had only spoken with him via email prior to meeting him but he was very cordial and open to conversation. Here is a pic of Dr. BBQ doing his thang!

I then made my way around several of the cook sites to try to glean a thing or two from the masters. I was able to see Myron Mixon from Jack’s Old South putting the finishing touch on his ribs before turn in time. Congratulations to Myron and the gang for winning first place and $1000 in the whole hog category. After the last turn in, Myron displayed his hog and offered samples to the folks that passed by. Needless to say I parked it there for a while and ate some wonderful whole hog.

Then I wondered over to’s site and was amazed at how much time and effort they put into their spot. Also, congratulations to Byron and the gang for winning the “Happiest Home in the Hollar” award this year on the US side. Other cook sites that caught my eye were Squeal of Approval and Whoop-de-Que from right here in Alabama.

Then it was time for me to make my way to town and check out things there. Music rang from just about every direction. Here is one of the groups performing for the folks in attendance. I also noticed that the Lynchburg Fire Department had their “Jack Daniels Fire Brigade” truck on display and just had to get a picture. I then made my way back to the pavilion for the awards ceremony. Congratulation to all the teams who got their name called.

I wondered around enjoying this wonderful atmosphere the rest of the day. I have not been to many of the cookoffs on the BBQ trail but I can say this one thing. Lynchburg and BBQ were made for each other.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

2006 Jack Daniels World Championship BBQ Results

Grand Champion: Boys From Tornado Alley
Reserve Champion: Britt’s Barbecue

Overall Rankings
1. Boys from Tornado Alley
2. Britt’s Barbecue
3. Cooking With Attitude
4. Smoker’s Wild
5. Bar-B-Quau
6. It Ain’t Prime
7. Four Men and a Pig
8. Lotta Bull BBQ
9. Let’s Kick Some Ash
10. The Major Players

1. Smoker’s Wild
2. Lotta Bull BBQ
3. Smoking Clones BBQ
4. World BBQ Team Switzerland
5. Bar-B-Quau
6. Cooking with Attitude
8. Boys From Tornado Alley
9. Jerry King-Midland, TX
10. Grub Rustlers

1. I Smell Smoke!!!
2. Let’s Kick Some Ash
3. J-Mack Cookers
5. Lotta Bull BBQ
6. Boys from Tornado Alley
7. Rockin’ Ronnie’s Butt Shredders
8. Smoke a Fat One BBQ
9. Mad Cows BBQ
10. Back Fourty Cookers

1. Four Men and a Pig
2. I Que
3. Long Hollow Cooking Crew
4. J-Mack Cookers
5. Smoker’s Wild
6. Smokin’ Triggers
7. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
8. QN4U
9. Cooking with Attitude
10. Britt’s Barbecue

1. It Ain’t Prime
2. Otis and the Bird
3. Pink Flamingo BBQ
4. The Major Players
5. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
6. Grill Ueli
7. Jack’s Old South
8. Long Hollow Cooking Crew
9. Boys from Tornado Alley
10. Let’s Kick Some Ash

Whole Hog
1. Jack’s Old South
2. Britt’s Barbecue
3. 2 Fat Larry’s
4. Oink, Cackle & Moo
5. The Major Players
6. Salzburger Barbecue Bull
7. World BBQ Team, Switzerland
8. Grill Ueli
9. Swinefellows

1. Lone Wolf BBQ
2. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
3. The Heat is On
4. Otis and the Bird
5. Dizzy Pig BBQ
6. 2 Fat Larrys
7. Bid Daddy’s BBQ
8. Let’s Kick Some Ash
9. Smoking Clones BBQ
10. The Major Players

Chef's Choice
1. Grub Rustlers
2. Smoker’s Wild
3. I Que
5. Bar-B-Quau
6. Britt’s Barbecue
7. Jack’s Old South
8. Rub Me Tender
9. Smoke a Fat One BBQ
10. Pink Flamingo BBQ

Home Cooking FromThe Homeland
1. Grill Ueli
2. Black Forestg
3. World BBQ Team, Switzerland
4. Sazbirger Barbecie Bull
5. The “A”ustralian Team
6. Radio 101 Croatia
7. Swine Fellows
8. Los Carbones da la Vida
9. Mad Cows BBQ
10. Great Bulgarian BBQ

1. Boys from Tornado Alley
2. Britt’s Barbecue
3. Pink Flamingo BBQ
5. Jack’s Old South
6. Whoop-De-Que
7. Grub Rustlers
8. Bar-B-Quau
9. Salzburger Barbecue Bull
10. Ulcer Acres BBQ
Shade Tree Division

"Shade Tree" Overall
1. T & H Bar-B-Que
2. Tyrannasaur-A-Que
3. Hickory Critters
4. Hickory Barn Bar-B-Que
5. Bwana Butts
6. En Fuego
7. Backyard BBQ
8. Ts Smoking Something
9. Double A BBQ
10. B & D Grilling

1. The Green Team
2. Off the Sauce Cookers
3. Mainland America
4. Hickory Critters
5. No Name BBQ Team
6. Tyrannasaur-A-Que
7. T & H Bar-B-Que
8. Check Out My butt
9. Bwana Bitts
10. Cornbread and BBQ cooker

1. En Fuego
2. T & H Bar-B-Que
3. Tyrannasaur-A-Que
4. Hickory Barn Bar-B-Que
5. Double A BBQ
6. All Wrapped Up
7. Hickory Critters
8. Backyard BBQ
9. T’s Smoking Something
10. Bwana Butts

Congratulations to all the teams who got their name called at this years Jack Daniels Invitational. Already getting ready for '06.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday @ The Jack

Let me start by saying if you have never made the trip to Lynchburg, TN for the Jack Daniels BBQ Cookoff – you need to do so. This was my first visit to the Jack but it will not be my last. There are things there for the entire family to do and all the bbq related fun you can handle.

I met my buddy Kent Lenox (Kudzu on the BBQ Form) at his home in Hazel Green, AL and then followed him to Lynchburg. Initial plans were for me to use his camper but with the possibility of some storms coming in we decided against that. Kent allowed me to stay at his house. He has a wonderful family and their hospitality was amazing.

When we arrived in Lynchburg, Kent took me to the volunteer tent where I was allowed to volunteer for the entire weekend. Most of the work was done on Friday. Supplies had to be issued to the international teams (more on them in a later post), several areas still needed to be set up for Friday and Saturday use. A few of us made the trip to BBQ Hill and set up for the party to be held later Friday night.

After everything was ready the teams participated in the ceremonial “Parade of Teams”. All the teams competing this weekend paraded from the contest site through downtown Lynchburg to the Jack Daniels Welcome Center. There they would board busses and be taken to the party on the hill (teams were judged on their spirit and enthusiasm and the top team was awarded a cash prize at the ceremony Saturday afternoon. Bad Byron's team was this year’s winner). The volunteers were also allowed to go to the party. Pack in several dignitaries and special guests and we must have had 300 or more in the pavilion for the party. A local catering company provided the meal.

Some folks stayed most of the night at the party but we left early. Our boss, Big Ed, said he needed us back at 6:30am to get things going. What Big Ed wants, Big Ed gets. We were back at 6:30am.

Stay tuned for Saturday's recap.

Smoke 'em if you got em.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well, that time is almost here. This weekend I will be headed out to Lynchburg, TN and the 17th Annual Jack Daniels World Championship Cookoff. Teams and spectators will be rolling into the small Tennessee town as early as Monday or Tuesday transforming this town of 361 into a city of 20,000 – plus.

The competition field will consist of about 50 teams from the US along side about 16 or 18 international teams. Their website says 64 teams but I have heard there might be almost 70 by now. The team that won it all last year (Mad Cow’s BBQ) hails from Kent, England. They will compete for the title of Grand Champion to go along with their cash and trophies. In one day, more than 3,900 pounds of pork, beef and chicken will be dressed up and served up to Kansas City Barbecue Society and celebrity judges. Along with the cookoff are all kinds of games and entertainment.

I plan on heading up either Thursday night after I get off work or early Friday morning. A BBQ friend of mine who lives in Hazel Green, AL has offered me the use of his camper for the weekend. I hope to find a place at the nearby state park but I will not know that until Thursday. Thanks Kudzu - You Da Man!

Friday is “Party Night”. This is a time when all the competitors and fans get together and have fun for most of the night. Although the smoke will already be rolling for contest entries the teams still find time to party. I hope to meet with several of the teams and get some audio blogs from the night. I will also post some pics for your enjoyment.

If you have time, surf over to the BBQ Forum and check out the pod cast with Tana Shupe. She is the manager of Guest Services with Jack Daniels and gives the listener some insight on how the contest came about and how the teams are selected.

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you from the Jack.


Well, I finally decided to go all out and do my first overnight cook on Tuesday night. I knew that sooner or later I was going to have to get this one behind me. With everything I had read about the WSM and how it excels on cooks like this I just had to see for myself. Well, let me tell you what I discovered. Everything I had read, heard and learned about this wonderful smoker was true. A full load of Kingsford gave me a steady cook of 240-260 degrees for almost 10 hours and I still had plenty to go. I probably could have gone another couple of hours before having to add any fuel. I had to mess with the vents early on to get the temp to level out. I ended up with them set at about 1/3 open for most of the cook.

The process started at about 2:45 pm Tuesday afternoon when I took the 7.2 pound pork butt (bone-in of course) and covered it with yellow mustard. There is no other way to do that except to just dive in and get your hands dirty. After the slathering I put on a good coat of Modified Armadillo Willy’s Rub and then put it back in the fridge.

The butt went on the smoker at approximately 10:20 pm and was taken off at 8:52 am the next morning after hitting a temp of 200. A good sign that things had gone right – when I was removing the butt from the smoker it was breaking apart. Some of the juiciest, most tender meat I had ever seen. In my cooking notes I stated that the bark was not as prominent as I had hoped but was better than I had seen in some restaurants. The meat had a very pronounced smoke ring that I attempted to capture with a picture, to no avail.

My initial plan was to foil the butt at 165, then turn up the heat a little and make a run for 195. However, the butt hit 165 a little earlier than I expected at 2:45 am. I still had about 10 hours before I had to take it off the smoker and it was then I made the transition from “Follow the recipe” cooking to “Cooking by the seat of your pants”. I decided to just let it ride out the entire time without foiling. Turned out to be a good move. A more detailed discussion can be found by clicking here.

All in all, I was very satisfied with my first overnight cook. I learned a lot of things this time that will help me on future cooks. I made some simple mistakes but next time I will know better. Here are a few notes from my cooking log:
  • Must order the Brinkman water pan from Mike @ Hawgeyes BBQ. I ended up filling the WSM pan 2 times and if the cook had gone for another hour or so I would have had to do it a third.
  • For some reason, I put the butt fat side down – instead of fat side up. Not sure if it makes a difference but will be more careful next time.
  • WSM ran a little hotter than expected (250-260 with a spike of 271) but I think that helped with the shorter cooking time (a little over 10 hours vs. 14-16 hours.). The temp variations did not adversely effect the meat. Still very juicy and tender.

Have a great week and enjoy the great outdooes by smoke something this weekend. I am looking forward to going to the Jack Daniels cookoff next weekend in Lynchburg, TN. I will post more information about my trip soon.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


The following updates on Bobbie McWright's condition have been taken from the BBQ Forum. Anyone wishing to send a card can do so. Please send them to:

NorthCrest Hospital
100 NorthCrest Drive
CCU Room 5
Springfield, TN 37172



10/20/2005 Posted by Daffy:
Bobbie has asked Lee to marry him again------Lee is very grateful for everyone’s prayers... Lee expects Bobbie to be out of ICU today--then rehab... The PIGPAL trailer is at the JACK and MUCHO thanks to a large number of volunteers to help Randy --- Lee hopes to make a few appearances.....please come by and visit. daffy--I will be cooking the RIBS see ya there

10/19/05 9:59 A.M. Posted by Steph:
Lee just called and said "Day 13 and Ms. McWright is breathing on her own!" Things are getting better and better!

10/18/05 2:41 P.M. Posted by Daffy:
Spoke with Lee---Bobbie is out of her coma---tired and confused.She is still on the respirator and fighting to remove it..she is STILL CRITICAL ----the recovery will be slow---probably 2-3 weeks.. daffy--music city pig pal--gopher//

10/17/05 8:1 A.M. Posted by Randy and Carol:
I would be remiss if I didn't thank everyone for all the prayers on behalf of Bobbie and Lee. I know for a fact that Lee is comforted by the outpouring of concrn for Bobbie's recovery. Randy and I are doing our best to see that Lee is getting as much rest as possible and taking care of himself during this time. What follows is a message form Lee.

Although Bobbie is still listed as critical and guarded, she is holding her own. There has been no significant change in her condition, but no setback either. Monday and Tuesday will be used to run a vigorous regimen of tests. I expect to have those results in a few days. Please continue to keep Bobbie in your prayers. As always all telephone calls are welcome. Thank you again for all the prayers.” Lee

10/14/05 5:00 P.M. Posted by Arlie Bragg:
Just spoke with Lee and he wanted me to thank each and everyone for their prayers and thoughts. He asked that I post that Bobbie is receiving some new medicine that will take 72 hours to get fully in her system. Their are in hopes this will start the road to recovery. I will update you all if their are any changes or on Monday evening.

10/14/05 11:27 A.M. Posted by Sheri:
I called the hospital and talked to Carol and she said there has been no change. She is still in a coma, but they are optimistic that she will recover. Let's all keep this family in our prayers and hope she wakes up soon!

10/13/05 12:36 P.M. Posted by RibDog:
I just talked with Lee on the phone. He said that Bobbie is stable but still in a coma. The doctors are confident they have the septic condition under control and now are dealing more with the neurological side of her condition. Bobbie, get well!!!

10/12/05 1:29 P.M. Posted by Steph for Lee:
First, let me start off by saying Thank You. Thank you for all the cards, calls and prayers on Bobbie’s behalf. I know she will be overwhelmed by the outpouring of concern and support for her. All of you know Bobbie would love to talk to each and every one of you if it was at all possible. This will probably have to wait for just a while longer. With this in mind, I know her friends want to show their support by stopping by the hospital. While I have no problem receiving visitors, there is a limited amount of space allotted to the CCU waiting area and there are other patients to be considered. For that reason, I would ask that if you are going to visit, to please, call first. You can call my number or call 256-426-9385. Please keep Bobbie in your prayers,
Lee McWright Music City Pig Pals

10/11/05 10:21 P.M. Posted by Randy and Carol:
Just left the hospital and Bobbie is resting. We had a pretty uneventful day today. There were no changes, but there were no set back either. She continues to fight, so please keep them in your prayers.

10/12/05 7:18 A.M. Posted by Randy and Carol:
Lee is handling everything fine. Although he doen't leave the hospital, he rests at night in an area provided close to Bobbie and he has access to her room all night, which is a comfort to him.

10/11/05 11:46 A.M. Posted by Lynn Bruce:
I talked with Lee this about 11:00 A.M. morning, Bobbie is "holding her own", she had a restful evening. Still a very ill lady, hopefully they'll have test results today from the lab test blood was drawn for yesterday afternoon. Lee is fully expecting her to come out of this fighting, ready to cook some 'Que. Please keep them in your prayers.

10/10/05 8:39 A.M. Posted by Arlie Bragg :
Lee Called ...Monday morning and blood pressure is stable. He said there still aren’t any changes but hoped she improves throughout the day. They will try to get her off the breathing machine in the next 24 hrs too.

10/09/05 9:30 P.M. Posted by Randy and Carol :
Randy and I just left the hospital for the evening. Lee is doing fine and trying to get some much needed rest this evening. Bobbie is resting comfortably. As mentioned in Arlie's update, she did show a slight improvement today. We continue to talk to her and tell her all the prayers that are being said on her behalf. I told her it will keep her busy reading all of them. Keep up the prayers that she will respond to our conversations with her in the next couple of days. Lee sends his thanks to all.

10/09/05 9:29 A.M. Posted by Arlie Bragg :
I just spoke with Lee and there has been no change. He is holding up the best he can with support from family, their bbq family along with Randy and Carol who are with him at the hosiptal. He ask that prayers continue and that although visitors would be greatly appreciated he ask that we all just keep them in our prayers and thoughts at this time. I will keep you updated!

10/08/05 3:47 P.M.
It has come to our attention that Bobbie McWright of Music City Pig Pals is in the hospital in guarded condition. I had the honor of meeting Bobbie and her husband Lee at the Decatur cookoff a few weeks ago. I don't believe there are any finer folks in the world of bbq than these guys. Please pray for them during this time.

Here is the post on the BBQ Forum made just a while ago.

"To all of Lee & Bobbie's friends in the barbecue community!!! I received a telephone call from Lee within the past 5 minutes requesting me to make a post on The BBQ Forum with a special request. Lee asked me to tell you that Bobbie is in the hospital, in guarded condition, and is in a semi-coma. She initially was in a coma, then came out of the coma and then because of her condition the doctors induced another coma. The request Lee asked me to make of each of you is that you keep Bobbie and Lee in your prayers!!! Right now Bobbie needs a special touch from the Great Physician. Your prayers are needed and will truly be appreciated. I'll post additional information when available.


I will post any updates as they become available.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Chili and Cake

As I last posted, today was “Chili Day at the EMA” and I was the head chef and bottle washer and everything else. It had been a while since I had made chili but everything went very well.

I have used a chili recipe I found on the Tabasco website and have tweaked it a little bit. To the original recipe I have added chili beans, tomato paste and cayenne pepper to taste. The only thing I was concerned about was that when I make chili at home it is usually for just the wife and me. This time I had to up the recipe to about 24 servings. So what did I do? I went to the Fruit from Washington website and used their ingredients conversion program putting in the original amounts and WHALA – I had the amounts needed. Ain’t computers wonderful?

I later ran into a small problem. The large pot that I was using (belonged to the EMA) would not hold everything. The liquid was almost to the top and I had not even added the ground beef yet. Thankfully, a fellow employee lived close by and she went home and got hers and brought it to me. Now I had two pots of chili on the oven.

Unknown to me, the boss invited his wife to have lunch with us. He told her we served at 12 but I had told everyone 12:30. I served them before anyone else came down and was sweating bullets until they were finished. My boss had 3 bowls and his wife had 2. I guess they liked it. I rang the dinner bell and the stampede to the kitchen was on. Everyone seemed to have a great time and was very complimentary towards the chef.

I was also surprised with a birthday cake from the group. Saturday is my birthday and the staff was nice enough to get me a cake. Thanks guys.

Have a great weekend

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Here in central Alabama it is raining (and has been for a while now with T/S Tammy on the Atlantic coast) but a cold front is coming through and we should see highs in the low 70's for a while. Making a fat man happy!

I am hoping to finally get to do my first pulled pork attempt on the WSM while I am off next week. A lot of you get to do your stuff on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. With my work schedule, I am off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday. So while I am at work you are getting to "Q" - but I get the same treat while you are at work. Anyway, if the weather (rain) holds out I will give it a go. Will take lots of pics and have a post next week.

I am also experimenting with Audio Blogger. My plan is to use it mostly when I go to a competition and get to talk with the "Pros". I intend to try to get some blogs from The Jack Daniels BBQ Cookoff on Oct 21-22. Fifty of the worlds greatest bbq teams will be competing at the Jack and I hope to get to talk with most of them.

My co-workers talked me into cooking today. Since it is raining I am cooking my homemade chili and several of the others are bringing the "fixins" as we call them down here in the south. I think we might even have some mexican cornbread and dessert.

Take care this weekend and "smoke 'em if you got 'em".

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Got Tagged!

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. My blogger buddy (or so I thought) up in NYC, The Backyard Chef, tagged me the other day via email. Now, most of you are probably like I was – what the heck is a tag. Keep reading:

Here are the instructions/reference for whoever I tag next:

"It’s the 23/5 meme. The blogger tagged has to go to their 23rd post, find the 5th sentence and then write something interesting about it on their blog. So delve into your blog archive and locate your 23rd post (or closest). Then find the 5th sentence (or closest). Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas…then tag 5 people to do the same."

So here goes – thanks Matt. I owe you a big one!!

Sentence #5 – “Maybe things will dry out this coming week.” From the post “Rain, Rain go away” dated July 16, 2005.

New Link Added

Along with my love for BBQ, I also enjoy a good chicken wing from time to time. Several of the bbq sauce experiments I have conducted over the last year have centered around the wing.

Here is a link to a blogsite dedicated solely to the chicken wing. Check it now and check it often. Let me know what you think.

Also, I will be updating the links section over the next couple of days so pardon the mess while I do a little housecleaning.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Audio Blog Test

This is a test of the Audio Blogger feature. It will be deleted shortly.

Audio Blog Test - click to play

Saturday, October 01, 2005

American Royal

I just got the results from The 26th Annual American Royal held September 30 and October 1st. Here is a link to the a thread on TVWB. Ray Basso has posted some pics over on the forum. Congratulations to all the teams who got a call. Might just have to go to this one one day.

Grand Champion: $10,000 and Kingfisher Kooker and an automatic invitation to the AR for the next 5 years - Great Grills O Fire
Reserve: $6,500 Lotta Bull BBQ
2nd reserve $4,000 Grillin Granny

1st Great Grills O Fire
2nd Lotta Bull BBQ
3rd Smokin Mother Ruckers
4th Parrothead Smokers
5th Cookin with Attitude

2nd Great Grills O Fire
3rd Parrothead Smokers
4th It Aint Prime
5th Smokin Poobahs

1st Daisy May's BBQ
2nd Smokin Triggers
3rd Smokin Clones
4th Pyros
5th Buttrub.Com

1st Feeding Frenzy BBQ
2nd Big Daddys Grill
3rd Boys from Tornado Ally
4th Smokin Elvises
5th Sedalia Master Basters

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