Saturday, December 03, 2005

Alternate Plans

Ole Smokey (center) with the members of Jack's Old South Competition BBQ team

Our area of Alabama is supposed to have some pretty hefty storms over the weekend and possibly into Monday and Tuesday. So I have decided that I will fix a few comfort foods from kitchen this weekend. However, on Wednesday I will be smoking a couple of pork butts that have been thawing out. More on that later.

First of all, on Sunday I will be cooking up a batch of hot wings – Ole Smokey style and some fried dill pickles. I have been craving some good wings for a while. I have yet to try wings on the WSM but I plan to before too long. This batch of wings I will make in the deep fryer. I like to coat mine with a blend of flour and cayenne pepper and other spices before placing them in the fridge for an hour or so. I have found that this helps the coating stick to the chicken skin better that just coating them and throwing them in the fryer. I then cook them at 375°F in the fryer for about 7 minutes. Comes out money every time. My wife likes my homemade teriyaki sauce so I guess I will make some for her. Gotta keep mama happy! Tabasco has come out with a new sauce that I want to try on my wings. It is called “Sweet n Spicy”. Can’t wait to taste this one.

Monday will be homemade spaghetti night. Tuesday I will be on the road all day so we will most likely just make some burgers and dogs and call it supper.

Wednesday, I plan on experimenting with pork again. I have two butts in the fridge, a total weight of almost 12 pounds. I plan on putting two of the hottest teams on the KCBS circuit against each other for this one. Get ready for Jack’s Old South vs. Music City Pig Pals.

On the first butt I plan on marinating it overnight in Jack’s Old South Meat Marinade found on TVWB. Then I will cover it with mustard and Jack’s Old South BBQ Rub, also found on TVWB. Butt #2 will not be marinated for this experiment. I will use some of the techniques taught by Lee at their cooking class. First I will lightly cover butt #2 with salt. This will be followed by a coating of granulated garlic followed by a covering of pepper. Finally, I will cover the butt with a coating of Bobbie McWright’s Rub Seasoning. Both butts will be cooked over Kingsford and apple chunks. Pics and recaps to follow.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Go smoke something!

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At 11:50 AM PST, Blogger Taztamer said...

Wow sounds great, my mouth is watering just reading your descriptions. Now I am hungry I have to go get some lunch, there goes the diet.

At 8:09 AM PDT, Blogger GolfPro said...

I went to his class it was awesome:


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