Saturday, April 15, 2006


Picture this. It is about 3-4 in the morning. Nothing is moving about. The wind has even died down and all is quiet. Until Bob wakes up. As he tells it, he could not sleep and had one of those feelings. You know the kind? The ones that eat at your gut and tell you something is wrong.

Bob woke up and, like any good pit master, went to check on his cooker. It was then Bob realized what was causing that bad feeling in his gut. His pit temp was holding steady at 400°F. I cannot repeat what I heard Bob say but that was my first indication that something was not right over at their site. The second clue was when I looked out from around our EZ-UP and noticed that a log propped up against the back of Bob’s cooker was on fire. I do not mean smoking, or smoldering or the like. I mean flames were rising off the log a foot or higher. I cannot repeat what I said under my breath when I saw that either.

Bob, being the professional that he is, was able to save the cook and get things back to normal. Bob is a super fellow (even if he is from Michigan). Hey, I lived there for about a year so I can talk about them. Bob, it was great to meet you in person. I have enjoyed your posts on the BBQ Forum and enjoyed the time we spent talking bbq.

Thanks for the cigar, too!

Ole Smokey

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