Saturday, April 29, 2006


I am sitting here at work watching the Bush race that is taking place just down the road at Talladega. All of a sudden, Tony Stewart gets bumped and spins around and goes airborne, landing on his lid and sliding for one heck of a ride. Thankfully, Tony is fine. I am sure that when he crawled into his car earlier today he had different plans of how to finish the race.

Well, yesterday I had the same type of experience. I started out with one plan and goal in mind and got upended finishing in a way I had not planned. Allow me to explain.

We had a cookout yesterday here at work. Yours truly was the pit master for this event. One of our volunteer HazMat team members builds bbq pits on the side and offered to let us use one of his to cook. It was an old 120 gallon LP tank he had converted into an offset smoker. It looks like a pretty decent smoker. However, I soon found out he knew nothing about getting the proper air flow from the SFB to the stack. Before I took drastic measures, I put 3 FULL WEBER CHIMNEYS of Kingsford in the SFB and the temp at the opening to the pit did not get above 160°. WOW! This little ordeal ran me about 2 hours behind schedule. Did I fail to mention that there were no vents or the like to adjust?

Anyhow, my drastic measure ended up being this. I put a couple of chimneys of coals directly in the cooker and the temp held about 225-240 for the rest of the day. I smoked 6 beer can chickens much to everyone’s delight. They love this smoking stuff. I also made a fattie and passed it around. Gone in a matter of seconds. I should have done about 2 or 3 more. It made great munching while waiting for the chicken to finish.

All in all it went well. Everyone was full and we had some leftover. I thought you would enjoy the story. I would have paid good money to get some of bbBob's 400° from Mobile.


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