Friday, May 19, 2006


I have not been doing a lot of bbq lately. Work and time-consuming projects have kept me from getting the WSM hot. I hope to do a little bit over the Memorial Day holiday (after I get off work that day).

So since I do not have any cooking stories to share, I want to take a moment and introduce you to two friends I have met along the bbq trail. Meet Terry and Cecil from Nashville, TN. Together, they make up the cooking team of Mealtime BBQ. These guys are super folks. If you are ever down this way at a contest look for their cook site. I believe Terry told me they were cooking in about 18 contests (at last count) so you are bound to run into them somewhere.

Mealtime has really put it together this year. With three top ten calls already this year things are looking pretty good for the guys. They got a 4th in Pork @ Winchester, TN in April. Then they started out May with a 1st in Chicken @ Huntsville and a 9th in Chicken in Pulaski, TN. A top ten call in overall points cannot be too far away.

I met Terry and Cecil through a mutual friend, Kent of Kudzu BBQ, at a contest in Decatur, AL last year. Cecil and I attended the same CBJ class in February so not only do we know how to cook, we know what good bbq tastes like (like that one Cecil?). It was a blast hanging out with them in Mobile earlier this year.

Terry and Cecil are a lot like most of the folks in competition bbq these days. Easy to talk to and get to know. I consider them my friends and look forward to getting together with them any time I can.

Take a bow guys, a big one!

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